PPF VINYL Vinilo protector para tu coche


Protect your car against any external damage and keep its exterior looking as good as new by installing a PPF protective vinyl. At Shelter Garage, we offer you a complete protective film installation service for your car. PPF films keep your vehicle’s original paint work in excellent conditions. You won’t need to give another thought to wear and tear with age or those small bumps, scratches and dents that all vehicles are prone to.


The letters PPF means Paint Protection Film.This consists of a transparent coat designed to adapt to the surface of your vehicle and protect it. This type of ppf material is expertly designed to protect your vehicle.

It is especially good at protecting the most vulnerable areas such as the bonnet, front bumper, rear-view mirrors, etc.

Vinilado protector PPF
Vinilado protector PPF


Un vinilo protector PPF, del inglés Paint Protection Film, no es más que una lámina transparente ideada para adaptarse a la superficie de tu vehículo y protegerla.
Este tipo de material ppf está diseñado especialmente para proteger tu vehículo. En especial las zonas más vulnerables como capó, paragolpes delantero, retrovisores, etc.

Vinilado protector PPF

PPF car vinyls are, to sum up, transparent coatings that offer high-performance paint protection. Fitting a ppf coat on your car means that those small scratches and bumps no longer show up, keeping your car’s original paint work in excellent conditions. Protect your car with a PPF protective vinyl at Shelter Garage.

Vinilado protector PPF

Los vinilos ppf para coche son, en definitiva, láminas transparentes que ofrecen protección de la pintura de altas prestaciones. Tener instalada en tu coche una lámina ppf hace que esos pequeños roces o chinazos no dejen marca, pudiendo preservar la pintura original de tu coche en perfecto estado. Protege tu coche con un vinilo protector PPF en Shelter Garage.


PPF sheets are fully moldable. They do not leave any kind of residue and are completely transparent. This means that nobody will notice the coating of film on your car. They are virtually invisible once installed and most importantly, they can be easily removed and replaced. If you’re looking for the best finish and a protective film that adapts 100% of the time, we are proud to bring you the best installation service in Madrid.

Vinilado protector PPF
Vinilado protector PPF


Las láminas PPF son totalmente moldeables. No dejan ningún tipo de residuo y son completamente transparentes por lo que nadie notara que tu coche lleva instalado un vinilo ppf. Son prácticamente invisibles una vez instalados en tu coche y lo más importante, se pueden retirar o sustituir fácilmente. Si quieres tener el mejor acabado y que el film protector de tu coche quede ajustado al 100% te ofrecemos el mejor servicio de instalación de Madrid.

Vinilado protector PPF


The main advantage is protecting your vehicle’s paint work. Keep your car’s aesthetics in amazing condition and even more importantly, avoid having to take your car to the garage and that tiresome periodic coating of paint you usually have to renew. Every time you wash the car, your paint work will look as good as new, without any types of marks. At Shelter Garage, we offer different types of vinyl, from glossy and matte finishes, through to carbon effect, colours, etc. At Shelter Garage, we are passionate about keeping vehicles in excellent conditions.

Vinilado protector PPF


La ventaja principal es la de proteger la pintura de tu vehículo. Mantener el exterior de tu coche y sobre todo, evitar en la medida de lo posible llevar el coche al taller o tener que pintar el coche cada cierto tiempo. Cada vez que laves el coche tu pintura lucirá como nueva, sin marcas de ningún tipo. En Shelter Garage ofrecemos diferentes tipos de vinilo, desde acabados brillo o mate, pasando por efecto carbono, colores, etc. En Shelter Garage nos tomamos el mantenimiento de todos los vehículos muy en serio.

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